Extraordinary Ikea Small Space Solutions

As a famous company that provides a wide array of furniture and appliances, Ikea doesn’t only provide the furniture for them who have large space, but for everyone no matter how small or how big your space are. So, this is one more point from Ikea as well as the inexpensive, modern designs offered and the way they try to go greener. Well, I think all that you need for furnishing your home is available including the solution for small spaces. Ikea small space solutions try to understand the people’s need about having the same opportunity as the large one within their small space. It understands how every space in a small home is precious so that it should be used optimally.

Talking about Ikea small space solutions, there are several products that you can use to give the solution of furnishing a small space. EKBY riset from Ikea gives you a solution for mounting EKBY shelves. So, if you have small space and want to have the EKBY shelves, just don’t worry. You have the best way to place your EKBY shelves without having to decrease the space in your room. If adding a laundry room in your small home is such a problem since the limited space, then you may don’t need a laundry room.

So, how come? You just need to install a Grundtal drying rack in the shower and you will need no laundry room. This unti is space saving since it folded when it is not in use. Having storage space in a bathroom is a kind of the very important thing, but for small spaces, choosing the right storage will be under many considerations. You can add your small bathroom Enudden double toilet paper roll that can also be sued as small shelf. So, you can get double duty from one item.

Those are only some of the Ikea small space solutions. If you see the catalog, you can get more. So, just find the right solution for your problem since each person may have different problem of small space.


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