Fascinating Room Painting Ideas

The colors that you use to paint your rooms make a major impact on the overall aesthetic of the space and the experience of anyone spending time there. Creative room painting ideas are a fantastic way for you to completely change up how a room looks and create an entirely new impression without having to invest an incredible amount of money in furniture or other decorative pieces.

Consider some of the following interesting room painting ideas:

Ideas Roompaintingideas2 Fascinating Room Painting Ideas

  • Create an accent wall by painting one wall a different color from the rest of the room. This will draw attention to that wall
  • Ideas Roompaintingideas Fascinating Room Painting Ideas

  • Create a stripped effect by using painter’s tape to create straight lines and use several colors for a bold, intriguing effect
  • Paint the top and bottom of the wall different colors for an interesting look. For example, painting the bottom of the wall a soft tan and the top half a light blue green creates a fresh, beach-reminiscent look.

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