Glamorous, How to Sponge Paint A Wall

It is a fun project to decorate the inner side of your house with decorative painting. One of the paintings is the sponge painting. By painting your wall with this sponge painting you will bring the wall alive with the easy installation. Just don’t forget to choose the color that will match perfectly to your style. The sponge painted wall is surely a good and fascinating addition to your place. Here below is the article related to how to sponge paint a wall.

1. Firstly you will need to define the area that will be sponge painted.

2. Secondly, you need to define the interior color/ the color that will be applied to your sponge paint. You can find wide range of selection paint in the store near you.

3. After that, you will need to get yourself an eggshell-base-coat. It will be used for painting the wall that is going to be sponged.

4. Next, the sponge that will be used for the painting needs to be moistened using after, and then the sponge is twisted in order to wring it out.

5. Next, the sponge must be dipped to the interior paint. Do it slightly.

6. Next, the sponge needs to be dabbed lightly on the wall that you will sponge. If you desire the different patterns’ type you can simply rotate the sponge.

7. After that, the sponge piece needs to be torn off and then it is dabbed into the paint then paint it to the wall. For the better result/ for the smaller parts you can use an artist brush.

8. Finally, just let the painted wall dry, after you are sure it is dry; repeat the steps for different colors. The colors that you want to stand the most must be painted the last.


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