How to Clean a Bathtub – Clean Your Bathtub from Tough Stains

Bathroom Clean A Bathtub Discoloration With Brush How to Clean a Bathtub – Clean Your Bathtub from Tough Stains

Spending much time for relaxation in a bathtub gives you a calm feeling. However, it will be like this if you have some stain problems in your bathtub. Bathtub is the place where you clean your body, so how can you clean your body if you can’t keep your bathtub clean? Of course everybody wants their bathtub stay clean. The problem is, there some tough stains that don’t want to leave your bathtub even you have rubbed it. Here are some ways how to clean a bathtub from tough stains.

Bathroom Clean A Bathtub With Triangle Brush How to Clean a Bathtub – Clean Your Bathtub from Tough Stains

Before cleaning your bathtub, you need to know that different material of bathtub needs different maintenance. So, I will divide the bathtub cleaning method based on your bathtub material. The first can be the most common material, porcelain bathtub. To clean it, you can use an abrasive powder like comet or Ajax. Just pour some powder on the stain and add a little water. Scrub the area with a scouring pad. If you have a very tougher stain, use a pumice stone to scrub is recommended. The next is, how to clean a bathtub with enamel material.

There are some methods for Enamel bathtub. The very simple way is, just use commercial cleaners as long as they don’t contain bleach because it can leave brown rust like stains in your bathtub. You can also use shampoo to rub it into the ring and let it for a few minutes before rinse it with warm water. If you have more extreme stain like grease and soap scum, shampoo or commercial cleaners can’t work well.

Bathroom Clean A Bathtub And Shower How to Clean a Bathtub – Clean Your Bathtub from Tough Stains

So, you can apply trisodium phosphates by mixing a tablespoon into a gallon of hot water. The last is acrylic bathtub cleaner. Spray a mixture of vinegar and water and let it for 30-45 minutes on your bathtub is a right cleaner. Make sure that you use soft cleaners like soft sponges because acrylic is easily scratched. How to clean a bathtub is very easy. So, treat your bathtub properly based on the material used for the bathtub.


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