How to Install Pre-Hung Interior Door

A pre-hung door is a unit which has been attached to the door frame. You will find the hinges are already installed and not only that, the hardware’s balance has been pre-installed too. This unit is such a perfect companion for the installer of the novice. It will make the error’s chance minimized and which result in easier installation of the door.

Ideas Install Pre Hung Solid Door How to Install Pre-Hung Interior Door

Here below are the steps of how to install pre-hung interior door.

Ideas How To Install Pre Hung Interior Door How to Install Pre-Hung Interior Door

1. Firstly, you must get the opening measured for its width. The height will also need to be measured, and you can start from the floor all the way to the opening’s top, and for the width, just started from both sides. If your project is replacing a door, then get yourself the new one with the same size will make it easier to be installed. In order to help you choosing the right unit, pay attention to the wall’s size.

Ideas Installing Pre Hung Interior Door How to Install Pre-Hung Interior Door

2. Buy yourself a door with the frame which is as thick as the wall.

Ideas How To Install Prehung Door How to Install Pre-Hung Interior Door

3. For starting to replace a door, you can get the trim pieces pried away from the old door’s both sides using a hammer. The nails and the screws must be removed along each jamb.

4. Next, if you think it is necessary, you can create yourself a new opening. The new door’s location must be marked first suing pencil, with the straight edge. The existing drywall must be cut away from the opening. If there is any framing member, get rid of it.

5. The slips which make the door held must be left closed for now. Then you will have to define the way your door will swing.

6. Next, the unit must be slide to the opening. The frame’s head must be even and to check this you can use the level.

7. The door must be fastened, and you can use one or two nails on each jamb.

8. The door must be secured using long screws.

9. If you want to add any hardware addition, then do it.

10. The trim pieces or casing must be nailed around the frame of the door on its both sides.


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