Interesting, How to Maintain a Pool

A pool can be a focal point of your overall exterior decoration. A pool also becomes a symbol of luxury and elegance and it tend to reflect the social class of the home owner. So, based on that notion, maintaining a pool to look more elegant and also more breath-taking will be important, so that every guest who drops by at your place will be wowed, by the pool look and decoration.

Now I will try to write about how to maintain a pool, or we can simply say how to take care a pool, so its condition will always be a good place to relax or of course, swim. Here below are some steps of maintaining a pool. Keep reading for the details.

Pool Design New Steps To Maintain Pool Interesting, How to Maintain a Pool

How to maintain a pool?

Pool Design Swimming Pool Maintaining Service Interesting, How to Maintain a Pool

1. If your pool already looks dirty and cramped, it is about time to fold your sleeves and get rid of that debris from your pool’s area, so your pool will shine as bright as before.

Pool Design Equipments To Maintain A Pool Interesting, How to Maintain a Pool

2. The vacuum is one of the important parts of your pool, since it will keep the water clean. So set the vacuum up into the right setting.

3. After you have set up the vacuum, then it is time to vacuum up your pool.

4. After that, pour chemical into it (adjust it with the suitable proportion).

5. Check out the filter of your pool. If it already gets dirty, wash it up and make it clean as new.

6. The pump is our next target, after you dealt with the filter, now you need to clean up the pump, since it will be get dirty from rubbish and dirt as well.

7. After you have dealt with all those steps above, the last thing to do is to add Chlorine to the pool-system.


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