Awesome Kitchen Paint Colors with Oak Cabinets

To transform a room’s look using the oat paint is relatively faster and inexpensive to do. The pleasuring color’s selection available also gives it more value, but choosing the one which is right is sure difficult. The kitchen with oak cabinets needs different treatment in the term of color. What are the most suitable colors for the kitchen with oak cabinets? What are the color shades that complement best your oak cabinets? Well, when choosing the color for your oak cabinet there is one thing should be remembered, that the oak cabinets are light with warm tones. Therefore, choosing the warm tone as the color selection basis will be wise. Here below are the things related to the matching colors for the oak cabinets.

The neutrals

This is the safest route of color. They can surely complement the oak’s earthy tones & can fit the white ceiling & trim amazingly also get along perfectly with everything put inside the room. Neutral colors are consisted of pale sand until the deep taupe and some ashy grays.

The pastels

Kitchen Luxury Oak Kitchen Cabinets Colors Awesome Kitchen Paint Colors with Oak Cabinets

Next colors are the pastels. It can work together with the oak cabinets or creating the bright and cheerful kitchen. The pale blues and greens are perfect for the theme of beach cottage, or you can simply go along with the light peach or yellow for creating the sunny kitchen of country style. Pastels are able to make the space seems larger and give the effect of spaciousness.

The saturated colors

What are meant by the saturated colors are the pure hues with no white, black or gray addition. This is the bold colors and is in the center of the color chip. These colors can certainly add the sense of casual into a room, but remember not to use more than one saturated colors for avoiding the playroom effect. Get just one side of the wall painted in bright color and the rest in neutral in order to get the contrast which reflects the contrast between the paint and the oak.

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