Exciting Innovative and Decorative Kitchen Designs with Curvaceous Countertops

A countertop can be the soul of a kitchen. This is because a countertop plays an important role in creating and enhancing the look of a kitchen design. In every kitchen design, we usually find various styles of countertops to create a stand out object. Furniture artisans at Splinter Works have created innovative kitchen designs with curvaceous countertops where the users will get an ease to prepare, cook and experience food. The designs created can stop the grid of conventional shaped kitchen which still carry full of functionality. Here are some ideas of curvaceous countertops that will bring more amazing place look for both social settings and daily routine.

This company has specialized to create projects all round the world by carrying the sense of art where every detail is considered. A great project called Tipping point is an example where they infuse art into a kitchen design. A kitchen with two curvaceous countertops completed with highly reflective mirror polished with stainless steel to heighten the weightlessness visual into a gleaming and eye catching appearance.

The shiny surface that almost invisible of the counters provide an elegant look to the whole room. This design is very appropriate to be integrated with a living space. The circular design of the curved shape countertops creates a self-handled working area that can be easily changed into an open plan kitchen decorations. The decorative kitchen designs with curved countertops from this company also featured with a unique performance from the impression of a spinning coin in the kitchen. This piece is very functional to place some cooking tools and the drawer attached in this piece can also be used as additional storage space.

This company really concern to create beautiful designs that offer a good looking kitchen without leaving the full functionality of a kitchen should be. The decorative kitchen designs with curve countertops are their reflection how they want to make everything in your kitchen easier to do.

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