Cool, Installing Shingling a Roof

It is surely a big job for getting the shingles installed all by yourself, but trusts me; you will at least save about 50% of the project’s cost. There is an additional challenge when getting these shingles installed which is creating a safe work’s way while maintaining the efficiency.

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Here below are the things related to the topic about shingling a roof.

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1. Get two 6 feet high ladders placed at the roof’s bottom, on the incline about 10 feet away. Don’t get the ladders leaned against the aluminum drip edge, since it can bend the aluminum.

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2. Get a 12 feet scaffold board along the two ladders’ bottom, straight to them. Get an adjusted roof jacks’ row installed under the scaffold plank bottom and get them adjusted to fit the under plank as well as against the roof.

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3. Get the starter strip for the shingles installed. Get the strip’s backing peeled and then it placed along the lowest edge at the roof’s bottom. Applying what is actually a 20 feet sicker is quite hard; therefore you need an assistant when doing this, in order to get it lined up evenly. Get at least 4 nails installed using a nail gun into the starter strip.

4. Get the shingles’ first row installed by pressing them along the sticky strip which runs across the already installed starter strip. Get a ¼ inch thick bead of tar applied under every shingle and then get it pressed into place. Get the nails installed right below the tar strip.

5. Get it moved to the lower left hand point of the roof and getting the shingling a roof installed, work yourself toward the right. Get each shingle arranged so that the tab will not positioned notches and the ends.

6. Get your way worked up to the roof. After the three of rows of the shingles are installed, get another 12 feet scaffold laid about 5 feet above the first one, toward the ladders’ higher end. Get a roof jacks’ row installed under this scaffold.

7. Get a ridgecap applied when the roof’s top has been reached.


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